Contamination Land Solutions

We experienced in the application and verification of numerous remediation solutions. We provide contaminated land consultancy and risk mitigation strategies for landowners, developers and main contractors, dealing with issues ranging from isolated soil contamination hot-spots to widespread groundwater contamination.
As professionals specialising in contaminated land assessment and management, our views are not influenced by the commercial interests that can result in remediation contractors favouring one particular outcome, remedial option or overall strategy. Our impartiality ensures the client’s best interest remain at the fore throughout the project life cycle, and their objectives are met without unnecessary expenditure.

Contaminated land (as defined by Part 2A of the Environmental Protection Act (1990)) is that which poses a risk to human health, property or the environment, or of significant pollution of controlled waters. The overarching objective of any pragmatic remediation strategy should be to reduce such risks to acceptable levels or ‘as low as reasonably possible’ with the best achievable balance of cost and effectiveness.
Although a requirement for the remediation of contaminated land may be legally enforced under Part 2A, the vast majority of brownfield land contamination is identified and remediated as part of the redevelopment process. Planning and Pollution Control is concerned with development and building on contaminated land.
Crucially, contaminated land risk assessment should be based on the fitness for use approach, meaning that the sensitivity of the current or proposed use of the site should be reflected in the risk assessment and any subsequent remediation strategy proposed by your consultant. This means that the total eradication (or even reduction to background concentrations) of contaminants may not be necessary to ensure it is ‘fit for use’.
Our experience in consulting on contaminated land projects enables us to navigate the requirements of whichever regulatory regime applies to your project.

Contaminated Land Assessment and Management

From preliminary risk assessment to regulator liaison and final sign-off, we provide end-to-end project management with clear lines of communication. Services include:

  • Phase 1 contaminated land search
  • Phase 2 Site Investigation (intrusive sampling); Quantitative Risk Assessment
  • Phase 3 Remediation – Options Appraisal (remediation strategy development); Implementation; Monitoring and Supervision
  • Phase 4 Verification (reporting and sign-off)

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